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Río Piedras, Puerto Rico
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As a leader and solid company in knowledge and application in the field of Radio Communications Systems, We provide and maintain the highest quality, durability and service equipment in digital and analog radio in Puerto Rico.

Vision in Spanish


Provide and promote best ethical practices in the management of 2-Way Radio Communications Systems through training and application of knowledge to promotthe smooth/proper operation of radio communications equipment and stay ahead in product innovation.

Mission in Spanish


Ethics – Integrity – Learning – Creativity – Cooperation – Service – Inclusion – Innovation – Social Responsibility

Values in Spanish

Organizational Structure

Communications & Industrial Electronics Corporation is a private company with 19 employees over 50 years in Puerto Rico. Our technicians are very qualified and licensee by The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for programming, repair and installation of all radio communications equipment’s. We serve government entities, Public Safety Agencies, Business and Industry.

We also have been authorized by The Federal Communications commission (FCC), to place our customers into immediate operation with private channels in the TRUNKED 800MHz BAND with 54 channels; all in 11 mountain tops in Puerto Rico.

In communications and Industrial Electronics Corporation, we enjoy assisting our customers in the design and development of the two-way radio communications in every part of Puerto Rico area.

We are in the are of two-way radio systems for many, many years…!

Location and facilities

Communications & Industrial Electronics Corporation having its principal office and place of business at the heart of San Juan Metropolitan Area; near at Las Americas Express Way for easy access to our facilities.

Physical Address:
326 Piñero Avenue,
Río Piedras PR 00927-3907

Postal Address:
PO Box 362526,
San Juan PR 00936-2526

Phone numbers: (787) 763-3975 /
(787) 763-3503 / (787) 763-3703
/ (787) 508-0885

Fax number: (787) 759-6350

Primary E-mails: comindelco@gmail.com and comidel@yahoo.com

Secondary E-mails: colonciepr@gmail.com, albertorioa@gmail.com, mvegaaepr@gmail.com

Pueblos y áreas de cobertura:
Orocovis, Centro y Norte de Puerto Rico.

Historical Highlights

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